Mario Luzzatto Student House

Pieve Emanuele
FTA | Filippo Taidelli Architetto
Pieve Emanuele

“Mario Luzzato Student House” is part of the huge project “ Humanitas University Campus” sited in Pieve Emanuele on the edge of the South Park of Milano.
The building was inaugurated in the summer 2018 and has been operative for the academic year 2018.

The structure is characterised by two compact staggered 5-storey towers connected by a transparent lower central body that houses the main access. The ground floor is dedicated to public and communal functions (bar, restaurant, fitness room, games room) instead of the upper floors are the private student lodgings.

A variety of arrangements – double and single rooms as well as mini-apartments – offer a total of 240 beds for international students, researchers and visiting professors.

Like each of the Campus’ buildings, the student residence excels at environmental and technological/technical sustainability as well. Active systems have made it possible to achieve CENED A3 energy class.

The project was developed in full compliance with dimension and quality standards, the guidelines for the technical and economic parameters for the construction of university lodgings and residences, as well as Ministerial Decree 338 of 2003, making it possible to achieve a major saving on construction costs (up to a maximum of 50%) and a contribution for the purchase of supplies and furniture of € 4,000 per bed.

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