Emergency Hospital 19

FTA | Filippo Taidelli Architetto

Emergency Hospital 19 is a versatile, universally adaptable architecture of high technical-formal and scientific content, designed to respond quickly to both temporary emergency situations and permanent extensions.

It was built in just three months, thanks to the mono-blocs that also allow for rapid disassembly and transport without the limitations of container distribution.

The building is configured as a prefabricated, replicable modular system, consisting of six main modules, which correspond to specific internal uses, and other sub-modules that allow an orderly, measured division of space, while encouraging the adoption of prefabricated solutions that can significantly reduce construction times.

It responds to an extended sustainability principle: technical, social, energetic and environmental. The basic module has been developed to be energetically autonomous, as well as adaptable to latitude and context.

Green areas are an essential part of the project: they contribute to mitigating the climate of the enclosure, become an integral part of flow management – in a context where social distancing is a preventive measure – and a therapeutic instrument for patients and healthcare workers.

The external facade of Emergency Hospital 19 has a second modular skin, conceived as a “dress” adaptable to the climatic and image conditions required by the particular geographical context.

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