IFN1 Housing

Tavagnacco, Udine, Italy
Foto © Massimo Crivellari
Foto © Massimo Crivellari
Foto © Massimo Crivellari
Dibujo © Massimo Crivellari
Foto © Massimo Crivellari
Foto © Massimo Crivellari
Foto © Massimo Crivellari
Foto © Massimo Crivellari
Foto © Massimo Crivellari
GEZA - Gri e Zucchi Architettura
Via Pietro Micca, 33010 Tavagnacco, Udine, Italy
1 millón - 100 millones
1 - 5 pisos

An architectural volume is added northward to complete the sequence of three housing blocks formerly built by GEZA in the same area.  

Running perpendicular to the existing buildings, the volume is rotated by 15° southward and creates perspective views that make a continuous relation with the other buildings. The east-west orientation of the block and the distribution of the flats inside it, causes the units to face the public green area to the south and the mountain ring to the north, respectively.

The orientation and the concept of open view afforded to build 28 housing units designed to meet the following needs: all living areas face open and green spaces; the flats on the ground floor have concealed private gardens with a view over the mountains; the flats on the first and second floors have cantilevered balconies outside both the living and sleeping areas; the flats on the top floor have south-facing patio balconies onto the communal garden.

The building makes a very neat frame, with load-bearing façades and a central spine containing all installations, so that the “wings” of the flats are totally freed from any structural constraints.

This freedom guarantees the flexibility required to adjust to any in-progress alterations that may be needed to meet the needs of the real estate market. The screens and wooden blinds, as well as the microclimate of the balconies, make mobile elements that will outline the facades with their variable “depths”.

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