pedevilla architects

ciAsa Aqua Bad Cortina

St. Vigil in Enneberg, 2020

Die ciAsa (rätoromanisch für Haus) ist ein hochalpines Vollholz-Wohnhaus im Südtiroler St.Vigil, umgeben von den Gadertaler Dolomiten. Da...

Didonè Comacchio Architects

Interior DR

Rosà, 2019

Interior design project for a rural house in the Venetian countryside, built in the ealy 1900s and restored in the early 2000s. The proje...


Messner Haus

Seis am Schlern, 2018

Visionary architecture in the tradition of South Tyrol Dialogue between yesterday and today: At the foot of the Schlern, on the pictur...


S House

Oderzo, 2020

Il bianco è la componente dominante che avvolge lo spazio in questo progetto di ristrutturazione d’interni di un piccolo edificio nel cuo...

MIDE architetti

211 . Casa con un ampio portico e vista sul…

Este, 2020

Casa con un ampio portico e vista sul parco

Perathoner Architects


Selva, 2019

The private homes are located on a sloping plot in Selva, which - situated in the heart of the South Tyrolean Dolomites - forms the end o...

MIDE architetti


Stra , 2020

In questo progetto il committente chiedeva una abitazione funzionale e "autentica" dove ogni materiale si mostra per quello che è

Perathoner Architects

La Casa Pura

Laion, 2019

The two-storey house is located in the municipality of Laion, which marks the entrance to the Val Gardena in South Tyrol. The design is t...

Perathoner Architects

Villa Belvedere

Costermano, 2019

The private home was realized in Costermano, an Italian municipality in the hills on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. The slightly slopin...

Messner Architects

Casa Luis

Klobenstein, 2019

Casa Luis is a residential house for a young family of six. Their desire for the best view and light, for privateness and generous open s...

Didonè Comacchio Architects

House VA

Rosà, 2019

Interior and exterior customization project for a private house in the province of Vicenza. The outdoor area is characterized by the pres...

Didonè Comacchio Architects

House EA

Cornuda, 2018

The project is a renovation of a 1960's dwelling through the addition of volumes which regularize the actual form. A linear porch runs a...

Didonè Comacchio Architects

House BN

Cassola, 2019

Single house set in the natural environment at the foot of the Veneto Alps. The building is composed of three volumes d grouped under a s...

GEZA - Gri e Zucchi Architettura

Z House

Camporosso, 2016

Z House is an alpine holiday home, a place to live an intense relationship with nature and the mountains. ​ The site on which the house...

Corde Architetti

House VRRD

Pordenone, 2018

A house as a child would design it: the slope of the roof allows a strong verticalisation of the rooms, whose space physically penetrates...

Plasma Studio

House H

Dobbiaco, 2016

The building stands in the borough of Santa Maria, place of pilgrimage near Dobbiaco. At the edge of the village, the site consists of a ...

studio wok

casa di campagna al chievo


La nuova abitazione è stata ricavata in una parte del fienile di una corte agricola alle porte di Verona, vicino al fiume Adige. Un dialo...

Corde Architetti

House BRSL

Sacile, 2014

We can enter just for a short period of time in the life of a building with secular origins: our intervention, our gestures are added to ...

MIDE architetti

138 . Casa con vista sulla valle

Ronago, 2019

Il progetto riguarda la ristrutturazione di un edificio residenziale degli anni ’70; esso mira ad adeguare gli spazi esistenti alle nuove...

MIDE architetti


Stra, 2019



Turin, 2018



Torino, 2016

This intervention is part of our double project in the same building. They have the exact same starting plan. They are two twin residenti...



Torino, 2014

This project is part of the research path that our office face towards the interest of the materials and its use. We have been encharged ...



Torino, 2014

This intervention in the historical centre of Turin is based on a project-management collaboration between Italy and Norway. A working te...



Torino, 2015

Fermi project wins the prize "Architecture Revealed 2017" promoted by the Chamber of Architects of Turin in the section "Temporary and ...



Cuneo, 2015

The apartment is on the second floor of a building 50s. It is located in a special area of Cuneo (North of Italy), very green and well po...



Torino, 2016

The apartment is a unit on the fifth floor of a late '50s building, located on the front of the Valentino Park in Torino (Italy). The Sou...



Torino, 2016

The apartment is a unit on the fourth floor of a '30s building, located in the San Salvario district. The three-sided exposure makes the ...



Cuneo, 2019

The project is a renovation of an apartment in an ancient building from the end of the 19th century. The prestige building is located on ...



Torino, 2018

The apartment is a unit of a building of the late 50s in the centre of Turin, a few steps from the Mole Antonelliana. From 2011, the yea...

NATOFFICE - christian gasparini architect

HHCR - househut

Modena, 2018

The country house is anchored to the horizon line, where the bank of the Tresinaro torrent stands as background and scene of the environm...

NATOFFICE - christian gasparini architect

HSBC - housescape

Reggio Emilia, 2010

The project tries to configure an idea of living conceived as fluid space, protected but at the same time interconnected with the surroun...

NATOFFICE - christian gasparini architect

HCBC - housecourtyard

Reggio Emilia, 2017

The renovation and restoration project works on the idea of ​​a new internal configuration, which renews most of the building, preserving...

NATOFFICE - christian gasparini architect

HLBH - houselevel homeoffice

Reggio Emilia, 2015

An ancient and listed building, heritage of the past, becomes a new home/office, intertwining a dialog between indoor and outdoor, place ...

MIDE architetti


Cervarese Santa Croce, 2018

The lot is located inside the Euganean Hills Regional Park, surrounded by green hills, on the top of one of them stands the neo-Gothic Vi...

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