Didonè Comacchio Architects

Depandance DCA

Veneto, 2020

Restoration project of a small annex from the early 1900s which is part of a Veneto rural complex. The design approach was to recompose t...

Didonè Comacchio Architects

Via campagnola Square

Rosà, 2020

The project redevelops a dismissed building and its ancillary area in via Campagnola. In particular, a small religious chapel connected t...

Didonè Comacchio Architects

House AD

Rosà, 2022

Project for a new private home on the outskirts of Bassano del Grappa (VI). The body of the building is composed of two volumes orthogon...


Senior Housing and Public Hall

San Giacomo delle Segnate, 2022

The intervention is organized in two buildings, the taller one intended for self-sufficient elderly homes while the lower and longer volu...

C+S Architects

Affordable Housing in Milan

Milano, 2021

The plot R11 is located at the northern end of the Highrise Village, bordering the park Cascina Merlata, the largest housing development ...

C+S Architects

Restoration of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi

Venice, 2014

Restoration of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Venice, Italy The act of translating is a communicative action and as such it is never universal...

C+S Architects

GAMeC Museum

Bergamo, 2022

Bergamo City Council unanimously approved the planning permission and Listed Building Consent for the retrofit of GAMeC Museum in Bergamo...

Park Associati

Valtorta 52

Milan, 2022

Hard retrofitting for new flexible workplaces characterized by innovative materials. The project salvages and regenerates part of an off...

MIDE architetti

House with a Pool in Vigodarzere

Vigodarzere, 2022

The building is located in Vigodarzere, a small town close to Padua. The design challenge is dictated here by the particular shape of the...

Giuseppe Tortato Architetti

Il Refettorio

Venezia, 2022

The creation of a special place where simply feeling good is the key to interpreting this project, in contrast to the disposable design t...

pedevilla architects

Haus G

Colle Isarco, 2021

At the junction between Pflersch and Wipptal, a little above the center of Gossensaß village (1,100m above sea level), Pedevilla Architec...

Messner Architects


Lana, 2021

Located in Lana’s beautiful historic old town, we find the Egger family’s home. To the West, the three-story house faces a small town-squ...

Corde Architetti

Ex Consorzio Agrario

Rivignano - Teor (UD)

Rivignano Teor è un comune di circa 6.200 abitanti istituito nel 2014 dalla fusione dei comuni di Rivignano e Teor, il capoluogo si trova...

CSMM – architecture matters

Reply Lingotto

Turin, 2022

Für das Reply Headquarter in der ehemaligen Turiner Firmenzentrale von FIAT in Lingotto hat das Architektur- und Beratungsunternehmen CSM...

Corde Architetti

Edificio Industriale


L’area di studio è interamente compresa all’interno dei confini amministrativi del Comune di Gorizia e ricade nelle aree produttive d’int...

Corde Architetti

House MLK

Pordenone, 2019

A semi-detached house within a classic subdivision: a simple reflection on the themes of access, privacy, the relationship between the in...

Park Associati

Nodo Bovisa – MoLeCoLa


MoLeCoLa − Mobility Learning Community Lab: reinventing the Nodo Bovisa site as an integrated, sustainable idea-generating neighbourhood ...

Park Associati


Milan, 2026

Environmental responsibility and urban regeneration: a model of experience that looks to innovation and new interactions and relationship...

Park Associati

Accenture People Hub

Assago, 2022

The alternation of transparency and opacity on the façade provides the double function of protection and perception of the external space...

ARW Associates - Botticini + Facchinelli

Refurbishment and extension of an industrial…

Milano, 2022

The project area is located in Viale Fulvio Testi 223 in Milan, and is an opportunity to recover and enhance the structure of the former ...

ARW Associates - Botticini + Facchinelli

A common place in Darfo Boario Terme

Darfo Boario Terme, 2021

Darfo is a thermal resort in the lower Camonica Valley, surrounded by a beautiful mountain range and internationally known for its therma...

Park Associati

Luxottica Digital Factory

Milan, 2022

From energy to technology through architectural quality and experimentation. Milan is enhanced by a new intervention of industrial archi...

ARW Associates - Botticini + Facchinelli

Green Between – Tessiture Urbane


Reinventing the city, is the theme of the competition. The objective is to take existing urban materials and turn their marginal characte...

BALANCE Architettura


Milan, 2022

The intervention involves the redevelopment (LEED Gold Compliant) of a 6,500sqm office building located in the Bicocca district in Milan....

Kiefer Klimatechnik GmbH

Architecture Campus of Politecnico in Milano

Milano, 2021

Chilled ceiling panel INDUCOOL in the Architecture Campus, Politecnico in Milano. Efficiency and comfortable climate in an Italian un...

BALANCE Architettura


Borgo San Dalmazzo, 2018

The house is a residential building whose renovation project has substantially modified both the structure and the distribution of an exi...

BALANCE Architettura

Brands Distribution

Torino, 2021

The presented project is the realization of the directional and operative headquarters of IDT-BRANDS DISTRIBUTION, a company based in Tur...

BALANCE Architettura

Terowongan Arc's

Torino, 2019

“The connecting corridor between the creative area and the administrative area is made of a green backlit fiberglass skin. The project is...

BALANCE Architettura

Satispay HQ

Milano, 2020

2500 sqm of offices, at the beginning designed for 80 employees, but with the capability and the flexibility to become 200 in short time....

FADD Architects

Casa Margherita

Napoli, 2021

Casa Margherita è la ristrutturazione di un appartamento situato al quinto piano di un palazzo al centro di Napoli, nei pressi di Piazza ...

FADD Architects

Casa Posidonia

Salerno, 2021

Casa Posidonia è stata il frutto della trasformazione di uno studio professionale di un collezionista di opere d’arte, provenienti da var...

FADD Architects

STAJ Napoli

Napoli, 2021

Situato nel quartiere del Vomero, il progetto vede la realizzazione di un ristorante dall’atmosfera newyorkese dedicato allo street food ...


Hyatt Centric Hotels in Milan and Venice


The two new Hyatt Centric hotels in Milan and Venice were designed by GEPLAN DESIGN in their public and gastronomic areas, and receive gu...

La Leta Architettura

Casa MAZ

Palermo, 2022

Nel centro di Palermo una vecchia casa adibita a sartoria, viene ristrutturata attraverso il mantenimento e recupero di alcune preesisten...

Roland Baldi Architects

Station Square Collalbo

Collalbo, 2021

In the right square at the right time! Until recently, those traveling by train to Collalbo, when exiting the station building, were fac...


MB villa

Bassano (VI), 2018

Located near the Venetian pre-Alps, the MB villa is a dual architecture: on the one hand it reinterprets the theme of the archetype of th...

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