One Agile Way of Working in ING

milano, 2019

Workplace design. The one Way of Working defines 4 units (Delivery, Sales, Service and Support). They differ in the level of interaction....

BANCA TEMA Interior Design

Valentano (VT), 2018

BANCA TEMA is a company capable of overseeing in a widespread the entire territorial area, keeping caracteristics of a local bank. The de...

HDI - Corporate Office

Firenze, 2018

Corporate offices

COMPASS Headquarters Office Design

Milano, 2018

Il progetto si concentra sul rinnovamento dei layout sviluppando un modello distributivo nuovo ma nello stesso tempo ottimizzando l'immag...

Peabodys Caffee Shop

Londra, Great Britain, 2017

The Atkinson concept comes from the idea of creating an enveloping and warm space for Peabodys customers. Wood has been used on all surfa...

P17- Housing in Milan

Milano, 2015

Located in the heart of Milan, within the Monumentale area, the building shows an innovative approach in addressing metropolitan resident...

AZIMUT Interior Design

Verona, 2014

Corporate offices

QKING Corestaurant

Milano, 2014

Corestaurant is a place that offers the customer the opportunity to play, for a day, as a Chef. Corestaurant is a start-up that comes fr...

CHEBANCA! Interior Design

Verona, 2014

Progetto tipo: filiale di Verona. L'acceso alla filiale avviene direttamente dal piano stradale attraverso l'imponente tunnel di ingresso...

T HOUSE Loft in Milan

Milano, 2012

The design of T House born from the needs of Client, an Artist that preferet free spaces, rooms without a real dividing line between the...

Office in Milan

Workingplace design project: the space is organized in different elements. The clusters.These elements divide spaces and at the same ti...

BANCA TEMA Financial promotion offices

Preliminary work: workplace design for offices and facade adjustements.