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Craterre, France

The idea is to design a stadium that comes from nature and can be converted back into nature.

A stadium/park that turns into a green hill that is always accessible to the community. "Craterre" is the crasis between land and hill. "Craterre" is within a green filament that connects the city of Montpellier (north) with the airport and the sea (south). A trip in 5 minutes by car, 15 minutes by bike and 30/40 minutes on foot.

The urban vision is that of a "green corridor" that starts from the north (Le Bosses Nature Reserve) and descends southwards to the sea, intersecting notable events in the city of Montpellier: the stadium (crater), the Expo area and the airport. It is a green infrastructure full of services. A suture that stitches parts of the urban fabric with the existing service structures through an ecological and social corridor.
The local rural context was the inspiring element of a stadium/park completely immersed in nature and part of the green north-south corridor that connects the city of Montpellier with the sea.

The stadium is also a strong communicative element from the point of view of the A9 motorway.

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