MIDE architetti

210 . Casa con vista sul fiume

Fiesso d'Artico, 2020

Su un lotto lungo il fiume Brenta, MIDE architetti progetta una nuova casa su due piani, un volume semplice rivestito in metallo, con una...

monovolume architecture + design

House G

Lana, 2019

The single-family house G, which is built in climate house standard B has two floors above ground, as well as an underground floor with u...

monovolume architecture + design

House P2

Eppan, 2020

Home P is a residential building for two generations in Appiano. The existing house was demolished, only the basement was preserved at th...



Mantova, 2020

The building has suffered several renovations over the time, the last of which dates back to aboutfifteen years ago. The original layout ...

Didonè Comacchio Architects

Interior RA

Bassano del Grappa, 2020

The aim of the interior project, developed for a young and dynamic couple with refined tastes, is to create a spatial hierarchy in the ap...

Niels Schubert Fotograf | BFF

Centro Gomme Chiuso

Castelnuovo Scrivia | Alessandria, 1972

The mobility guarantee for cars is the natural enemy of the workshops at motorway service stations. As seen here along the Autostrada A7 ...

Architekten Marx & Ladurner

Hotel Weißes Kreuz

Burgeis, 2016


Architekten Marx & Ladurner

Grundschule Eyrs

Eyrs, 2020

Wettbewerb Grundschule Eyrs, 1. Platz

Architekten Marx & Ladurner

Hotel Lindenhof

Naturns, 2018

"Seit März 2018 steht das Vier-Sterne-Hotel Lindenhof in Naturns den Gästen wieder offen. Behutsam ergänzten die Architekten Stephan Marx...

Architekten Marx & Ladurner

Quellenhof Luxury Resort Lazise

Lazise, 2019

Das Hotel als Theater Die Inszenierung beginnt am Eingang. Der Auftritt zur Straße wird dominiert durch den Skypool als starkes Zeichen ...

Architekten Marx & Ladurner

Apartment 7

Schenna, 2020

In den Hängen von Schenna bei Meran ist eines sicher: absolute Ruhe. Fünf exklusive Apartments bieten uneingeschränkten Komfort. Eigene T...

Architekten Marx & Ladurner

Pratenberg Vine Lodge

Meran, 2019

Das Weingut Pratenberg liegt malerisch am steilen Hang zum Castel Freiberg vor Meran. Die Häusergruppe von Weinhof, Nebengebäude und ehem...

Architekten Marx & Ladurner


Schlanders, 2019

Der Bauplatz befindet sich im Kernbereich von Schlanders, wo herrschaftliche Ansitze und Bauernhöfe nebeneinanderstehen, während neuzeitl...

cristiana vannini | arc

GZZ_private apartment

Milan, 2016

Cristiana vannini | arc designs a modern apartment in the welcoming and cool city of Milan. Formal architectural elements of the Italian ...

noa* network of architecture

Ötzi Peak 3251m

Schnals Valley Glacier, 2020

Where a raindrop begins its long journey into the sea, new perspectives appear: at the new observation deck on the Schnals Valley Glacier...

cristiana vannini | arc

CSD_private apartment

Milan, 2018

cristiana vannini | arc firm plans the renovation of an apartment, to adapt it to the lifestyle of the new owner. A meticulous project, s...

cristiana vannini | arc

SSG_private apartment

Sesto S. Giovanni, 2018

cristiana vannini | arc firm designed interiors of a penthouse in a well-known building of Sesto San Giovanni, Milan. The penthouse has s...

Niels Schubert Fotograf | BFF

STAGLIENO | Cimeterio Monumentale di Genova

Genova, 2020

The monumental cemetery STAGLIENO of the Ligurian capital and important port city of Genoa is a true open-air museum and is one of the mo...

Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia


In the center of Milano, should be done refurbishment of a residential luxury building built during seventies placed in internal historic...

MIDE architetti

201 . Villa in campagna con piscina

Vigodarzere, 2020

L’edificio è situato all’interno di un terreno a Vigodarzere, in provincia di Padova. La sfida progettuale è dettata qui dalla particola...

Roland Baldi Architects

Kindergarden Sluderno

Sluderno, 2018

Child-friendly and sustainable: with Sluderno Kindergarten, Roland Baldi Architects has created a wooden building with a pitched roof, pl...

Roland Baldi Architects

italia&amore Ristorante Mercato Enoteca

Bolzano, 2017

The restoration work involved the entire building with the flagship store extending over five floors.Each floor featuring a different atm...

Roland Baldi Architects

Lunch room EURAC

Bolzano, 2017

The Pompeiian red Auditorium, part of the original building complex, has the shape of an oval cylinder and is topped with a dome which re...

Roland Baldi Architects

Fire station of the voluntary fire department…

Fleres, 2015

With its striking monolithic façade, characterised by clear and modern design and a deliberate selection of stone, glass and aluminum, th...

Roland Baldi Architects

District Heating Plant Klausen

Klausen, 2007

The district heating plant is located at the edge of Chiusa, on the site of Val Gardena’s former railway station, between motorway, main ...

Roland Baldi Architects

Cultural Center Rosenbach Bolzano

Bolzano, 2011

The Cultural Centre is composed of two intersecting areas distinguished both by form and material. A transparent space housing the distri...

Roland Baldi Architects

Angela Nikoletti Square

Bolzano, 2011

Angela Nikoletti Square is located in the centre of the Rosenbach district and consists of a technical school for social professions, cul...

Roland Baldi Architects

Ropeway Merano 2000

Meran, 2010

The cable car infrastructure is situated on the margins of Merano and connects the city with the nearby skiing Area of Merano 2000. Auton...

Roland Baldi Architects

Headquarter TechnoAlpin

Bolzano, 2010

The particularity of the building lies in its facade: the uniform envelope with its opalescent and crystalline shine is reminiscent of sn...

noa* network of architecture

Apfelhotel Torgglerhof

St. Martin im Passeier, 2020

Apfelhotel Torgglerhof: In full bloom As the age-old adage goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. In South Tyrol, Saltaus, Apfe...

Kiefer Klimatechnik GmbH

M9 Museum

Venice-Mestre , 2018

INDUL linear diffuser at M9 Museum in Venice-Mestre In December 2018, the long-awaited moment finally arrived: it was time for the ne...

Park Associati

Prima Café

Milan, 2020

Park Associati creates the concept for an original hybrid space in the heart of Milan for the tech company Designed to accompan...

Messner Architects

Hibiscus Studio

Klobenstein, 2020

Maria’s practice for naturopathy is embedded in our father‘s Franz Messner (+ 2017) blacksmith-shop. Passing the impressive blacksmith‘s ...

Didonè Comacchio Architects


Travettore di Rosà, 2020

The design of the new roof of the Travettore stadium creates a covered space with a few targeted gestures, inserting itself in balance be...

Ingo Maurer GmbH

Torre Velasca for Audi

Milan, 2016

Ingo Maurer has taken on the challenge to illuminate one of the most unusual high-rise buildings: Torre Velasca in Milan. As part of the ...

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