MAP Studio

Exhibition “il tempio vaticano. Carlo Fontana…

Venice, 2003

The project of the exhibition “The Temple Vatican Carlo Fontana in 1694” in the church of S. Maurizio in Venice was organized as a respon...

Ingo Maurer GmbH

Torre Velasca for Audi

Milan, 2016

Ingo Maurer has taken on the challenge to illuminate one of the most unusual high-rise buildings: Torre Velasca in Milan. As part of the ...

GEZA - Gri e Zucchi Architettura

NEW CRAFT Exhibition . Triennale di Milano

Milano, 2016

For the XXI International Exposition of the Triennale of Milan called “21st Century. Design after Design”, GEZA was appointed to the art...

Corde Architetti

A Room for Freya Stark

Asolo, 2018

Traveler, explorer, writer, geographer, diplomat, polyglot: Freya Stark has been a thousand women in one. The challenge of telling such a...

Matteo Thun & Partners

Elle Decor Grand Hotel Design Therapy 2019

Milan, 2019

The installation Design Therapy for the 2019 edition of the Elle Decor Grand Hotel held at the Palazzo Morando, Milan. Focuses on the phy...

StudioVlayStreeruwitz ZT GmbH

Discordo ergo sum

Venedig, Biennale, 2019

Gemeinsam mit Renate Bertlmann, Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein und ihrem Team haben wir den Arbeiten von Renate Bertlmann einen Raum im Österr...

COCC. and coherent AG

200 YEARS Christian Fischbacher

Milano, 2019

200 YEARS CF "Never stop exploring" Christian Fischbacher Milano „Curiosity quickens our perception.“ - Ernst Ferstl Fascination a...

NATOFFICE - christian gasparini architect

SEGB - gb exhibit pavilion

Milan, 2018

The exhibit pavilion for GB Gnudi Bruno works and researches on flexible and light temporary structures. It tries to represent products a...

NATOFFICE - christian gasparini architect

SFMG - european photography center

Reggio Emilia, 2008

Donated to the borough of Reggio Emilia by Mrs. Anna Maria Ternelli Gerra with the aim of creating a new cultural venue in the town, dedi...

Matteo Thun & Partners

Installation, The Wooden Beacon, Salone del…

Milano, 2010

Hardware and software, architecture and fashion meet to dialogue about the rhythm of products’ life cycles. In collaboration with Marni.

Space4Architecture (S4A)

Hello Space - Palazzo Mora - Venice Biennial…

Venice, 2018

Our collaboration with the European Cultural Center started in 2017 with a site visit at Palazzo Mora. We were immediately drawn to room ...

CLAB Architettura

San Cristoforo Urban Center

Mantova, 2017

Il progetto propone una rilettura dello spazio della Chiesa sconsacrata di San Cristoforo. Il nuovo programma funzionale viene organizzat...


Borgo Merlassino

Novi Ligure (AL), 2015

Recupero ad uso residenziale e agricolo di un antico borgo rurale. L' eterogeneità dei manufatti presenti e recuperati (casa, fienile, ...

Corde Architetti


Padova, 2015

A new museum of history of medicine in one the most important city for medical studies starting from the 14th century. The museum has bee...

Laboratorio Permanente

Living the City - art exhibition promoted by…

Bergamo, 2015

The exhibition takes place in one of the most beautiful hall of the historic building Palazzo della Ragione in Bergamo, called Sala delle...

Laboratorio Permanente

Floods - temporary exhibition in Bergamo

Bergamo, 2007

The “FLOODS” contemporary art exhibition, set up in the church of Sant’Agostino in Bergamo in March 2007, explores the theme of the flood...

Laboratorio Permanente

Nina Lumer #2 - art gallery in the heart of…

Milano, 2013

The project has to do with restructuring the space by overlapping new cement and plaster volumes to the existing brick frame. The old vau...


Sala delle Capriate

Bergamo, 2017

The project provides for a new set-up of the "Sala delle Capriate" in the “Palazzo della Ragione” of Upper Bergamo. The building dates ba...

Laboratorio Permanente

Nina Lumer #1 - art gallery in the heart of…

Milano, 2009

The project is about restructuring an art gallery set in a typical Milanese courtyard from the beginning of the 20th century. The space i...


Unbuilding Walls

Venice, 2018

From Death to Freespace For 28 years, Germany has been united – exactly as long as the Berlin Wall existed (1961–1989). On the occasion ...


Museo degli Innocenti


Il Nuovo Museo degli Innocenti è un progetto complesso che ha sottolineato, dovendo intervenire all’interno di un edificio storico multif...

Alberto Alessi Architecture

Holzperspektiven - Prospettive legno

Kiens, 2014

Alberto Alessi Architecture

Vedi Napoli e poi muori. Grand Tour der Mönche

Venezia, 2018


Sphäre 1:50.000 | Biennale Venedig 2018

Venedig , 2018

Thoughts Form Matter - drei Rauminstallationen im Österreichischen Pavillon Sphäre 1:50.000 von LAAC ist eine poetische Inszenierung, ei...

Mario Bellini Architects

Exhibition design "Mario Bellini. Italian…

Milan, 2017

“Mario Bellini. Italian Beauty” is the title of the exhibition that La Triennale di Milano is devoting to the entire work of the world-re...

Mario Bellini Architects

New Museum, of the Forum "Antiquarium"

Rome, 2018

The project, currently under way (2016-2018), is about the ‘’Antiquarium Museo Del Foro Romano’’, and is located in the archeological hea...

Mario Bellini Architects

Exhibitio design "The Seventies. The long…

Milan, 2008

The landmark of this exhibition, which is about the 1970s, the “longest decade of a short century”, is the ceiling, transformed to a “cum...

Mario Bellini Architects

Exhibition design "Giotto, L'Italia"

Milan, 2016

Bellini has always shown an undoubted capacity for “showing” things, an ability that has emerged continuously since his first job as an a...

Mario Bellini Architects

Museum of the City of Bologna

Bologna, 2012

Awards: Competition by invitation. Winning project. The work done concerns both the architectural project of transforming and renovating...

SET Architects


Rome, 2017

Designed to accommodate the reading area of the New Generations Festival, the international architecture event that had taken place from ...

SET Architects

ALBUM - A Collection of 10 Photos

Milan, 2016

The proposal is an iconic installation that highlights international values of Florim brand during the “Salone del Mobile” season in Mila...

Scandurra Studio

Palladio Museum

Vicenza, 2012

This new museum is designed as a showcase for the work in progress at the Centro Palladio: it has no collection of its own but instead a ...


CARITAS Pavillon

Milano, 2015

“Divide to multiply. Breaking the bread” is the theme represented in three dimensions in the pavilion with which Caritas takes part in th...


ENEL Pavilion

Milano, 2015

In designing the ENEL Pavilion for Expo 2015, the concept of “energy sharing” become an architectural theme, with the creation of a virtu...

A*PT Architecture


Venice Biennale, 2016

Time Space Existence exhibition. Inspired by “Reporting from the Front” we presented our public design work in New York City and in Bybl...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Yi Garden I,12th Venice Biennale

Venice, 2010

To explore the poetical expression of traditional Chinese gardens through contemporary and futuristic way. The physical artifact of the ...

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