A common Place in Darfo Boario Terme

ARW founded in 2016 as a workshop that turns a specific situation into a reflection and into a statement concerning the meaning of architecture. lead by two architects and founding partners Camillo Botticini (1965) and Matteo Facchinelli (1977) who propose a research able to synthesize meaningful architectural forms and deal with contemporary living spaces and their meaning, from an urban scale to that of the object.

The practice is constantly looking for the project’s site-specific identity as in the best Italian tradition, able to be local in a global world an essential reference point.

Architecture is a result of relations within a specific place and inclined to transform the perception of space. the dialogue between the concept of an idea and the conditions of the surroundings generate the juxtaposition in which the design transformation interval is placed. the complex settlement of landscapes becomes the reference material: so the geography, the historicity of the surrounding areas, the environment with its contradictions, the morphological and altimetric features, the orientation of the plot are all factors that generate the project.

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