Verona Forum

照片 © Giovanni Cappelletti
照片 © Marco Covi
照片 © Marco Covi
照片 © Giovanni Cappelletti
照片 © Giovanni Cappelletti
照片 © Giovanni Cappelletti
照片 © Marco Covi
照片 © Giovanni Cappelletti
照片 © Marco Covi
照片 © Marco Covi
照片 © Marco Covi
照片 © Marco Covi
照片 © Marco Covi
照片 © Marco Martello
照片 © Mario Bellini Archive
Mario Bellini Architects
100万 - 1亿
Veroa Forum Spa - Villafranca of Verona
Mario Bellini with Giovanni Cappelletti and Carlo Malnati, Collaborators: Giovanni Pigni, Egle De Luca, Alessandro Zufferli, Dario Varetto, Andrea Volpato
General Contractor
Costruire s.r.l, Verona
Tosoni – Facciate Continue, Villafranca di Verona
Mechanical and electrical services
Manens Intertecnica s.r.l., Verona
Acoustic engineering
Manens Intertecnica s.r.l., Verona
Steel Costruction
Cordioli & c, Valeggio di Verona
Electronic Systems
Far Systems, Rovereto
Local Architect
JTS Engineering s.r.l., Villafranca di Verona
Studio Ingegneria Pivetta, Verona

A complex made up of two buildings 45 metres high with a base of three floors above ground that connect the buildings and render the project uniform, for use as a hotel, office, wellness centre, services.
The “low” buildings define the relationship with the cityscape by characterising the street layout at a scale of perception closer to man; instead the “freely” articulated “high” buildings relate to the city skyline.
The contrast between the rigorous simplicity of the low structures and the strong articulation of the “towers” is the compositional theme that recalls a vision of composition that is quasi-“futurist”.
It is Boccioni’s “The City Rises” with a calibrated relationship between the glass, the opaque portions, and the free markings on the façades that fascinate Bellini this time.


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