Panoramic Hotel Plaza - facade and roofparking

Abano Terme, Padua
照片 © Studio Franzina
照片 © Studio Franzina
照片 © Studio Franzina
照片 © Studio Franzina
照片 © Studio Franzina
照片 © Studio Franzina
照片 © Studio Franzina
照片 © Studio Franzina
照片 © Studio Franzina
照片 © Studio Franzina
FPA Franzina + Partners Architettura
Piazza Repubblica, 35031 Abano Terme, Padua
100万 - 1亿

PHP refurbishment and enlargement consisted in a general renewal of common spaces, in a new interior design for the rooms and in new additions to the existing building, such as all the spa and wellness area.


The outside hotel private square has been completely renewed by the construction of a second skin for the existing building. This second skin is sustained by a steel structure with a complex geometry, a free form that moves following the curve of the square, starts perfect vertically and finishes overhanging. The new skin material, a plastic fabric with a see-trough weaving, has been carefully chosen to display the name of the hotel written on it in capital letters but at the same time to guarantee light and visual permeability to the spaces behind.


A red curved projecting roof marks the entrance and light it up with an integrated lighting system like a starry surface.


Considering the lack of parking area, we realized a steel frame structure covering the roof top of hotel building, creating a wide car parking for the hotel guests.


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