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Architecture is the result more of a philosophical approach than a predetermined style. C+S Architects define their philosophy TranslationArchitecture™.
TranslationArchitecture™ aims to unpack the complexities of the environment through architecture.
Engaging and re-inventing the site itself, as a space rich of potentialities, reconfiguring the boundaries of the programs, re-writing the features of the place (materiality, topography, strata, culture, socio-political and economical expectations), cross-sectioning through the different specificities of the disciplines involved, engaging bottom-up approaches, architects are able to reinvent both the boundaries of their of interventions and their role in contemporary, dealing with the whole of the built environment.
Against both the imitation of the past and the temptation of the odd, fashionable and spectacular, TranslationArchitecture™ enables a contemporary as well as continuous form of urban development. Fashionable events and star architecture are considered the generators of a new global monotony. Instead unfamiliar elements are introduced to add a new flavor to the whole atmosphere in the aim of solving a problem in a creative and unconventional way.
Cappai and Segantini believe that high quality in architecture can be achieved by a constant dialogue in very different directions, translating the desires of clients, entities for approval, consultants, contractors, and final users together with the landscape and its ecological demands.
This attitude to dialogue and translation, which regards research, teaching, architecture design, fabrication and communication as well as community engagement, is able to merge concepts such as scale, materiality and detailing together with budget constraints and project management ensuring the best results in a synthesis of functional, beauty and concept integration.
Understanding the fragments of the ordinary and allowing them to interfere in any new design, require a great deal of empathy.
Design research and detailed construction design together with budget and program control and proficient project managment are directed to offer our clients the best design quality. Working directly in each project and supported by different architecture design teams, Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini are actively involved in the different phases of each project (research and concept, masterplan design, architectural design, site supervision, community engagement, completion and communication). Process and participation are for C+S as important as the end result.


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