Castel Gourmet & Wellness Hotel

Dorf Tirol, 2021

Interior Design der öffentlichen Bereiche, des Finedining 2-Sterne-Gourmetrestaurant und der Meranesse Fine SPA

noa* network of architecture


Arco, 2021

The monumental spaces of a 17th century monastery are brought back to life in Arco, Alto Garda, where noa* has transformed them into a un...

Matteo Thun & Partners

Thermal bath & wellness – Terme Merano

Merano, 2005

A transparent design for thermal baths surrounded by mountain landscape. Natural, untreated materials concealing high-technology heating ...

noa* network of architecture

Apfelhotel Torgglerhof

St. Martin im Passeier, 2020

In full bloom | As the age-old adage goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. In South Tyrol, Saltaus, Apfelhotel’s young new gene...

Messner Architects

Hibiscus Studio

Klobenstein, 2020

Maria’s practice for naturopathy is embedded in our father‘s Franz Messner (+ 2017) blacksmith-shop. Passing the impressive blacksmith‘s ...

PRECOMA RENATO Architectures Interiors

Erweiterung Aussensauna Therme Meran Italien

Meran, 2019

Der Aussenraum der Saunaanlage wurde flächenmässig verdoppelt. Eine Arenaabtreppung, auf der man sich gemütlich sonnen kann, führt zum pr...


Villa Verde Aparthotel

Algund, 2019

Innenarchitektur, baukünstlerische Beratung der architektonischen Ausführungsplanung und künstlerische Oberbauleitung für ein neues 4-Ste...

Matteo Thun & Partners

Vigilius Mountain Resort

Merano, 2003

Vigilius Mountain Resort allows an intense landscape experience. Following the outline of the mountain the building that reinterpretes lo...

noa* network of architecture


Oberbozen, 2018

A travel through time | Gloriette Guesthouse by noa * builds on the tradition of summer holidays at Ritten and adds another link to the c...

PRECOMA RENATO Architectures Interiors

Erweiterung Ruheräume Therme Meran Italien

Meran, 2019

Mit der Erweitreung der Ruheräume wird die Therme Meran umfangreich vergrössert und qualitativ verbessert. Insgesamt enstehen rund 200 Li...

noa* network of architecture


Rio di Pusteria/Valles, 2017

Magic in the moor | Moors have always been mystical places full of secrets and drifting moods. The specific characteristic of such a geni...

noa* network of architecture

Hubertus pool

Geiselsberg, 2016

The Hotel Hubertus is located in Valdaora, at the foot of the famous ski and hiking area Kronplatz in the Puster Valley at an altitude of...


Locanda La Raia

Gavi (AL), 2017

La Locanda La raia prende vita in un vecchio edificio abbandonato che un tempo fu una vecchia osteria, dalle fattezze tipiche della tradi...

noa* network of architecture


Saltusio, 2016

Period of repose | It is all about the apple in the ‘Apfelhotel Torgglerhof’ in Saltaus in the Passiria Valley in Northern Italy. The App...

Mario Bellini Architects

Verona Forum

Verona, 2011

A complex made up of two buildings 45 metres high with a base of three floors above ground that connect the buildings and render the proj...

Perathoner Architects

Grand Hotel Alpenroyal *****

Selva - Val Gardena, 2016

Located in Selva of Val Gardena with exceptional views of the Dolomites (one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites), the Grand Hotel Alpenro...

PRECOMA RENATO Architectures Interiors

Neubau Therme Meran Italien

Meran, 2005

Die Innenarchitektur des Neubaus der Therme Meran ist von Matteo Thun & Partners aus Mailand im Jahre 2005 realisiert worden. Renato ...

PRECOMA RENATO Architectures Interiors

Neubau Hotel Vigilius Mountain Resort Lana…

Lana, 2003

Architektur und Innenarchitektur Matteo Thun & Partners Mailand Projektleitung als freier Mitarbeiter Renato Precoma Das Hotel Vigil...

FPA Franzina + Partners Architettura

Panoramic Hotel Plaza - facade and roofparking

Abano Terme, Padua, 2011

PHP refurbishment and enlargement consisted in a general renewal of common spaces, in a new interior design for the rooms and in ...

FPA Franzina + Partners Architettura

Panoramic Hotel Plaza - interior

Abano Terme, Padua, 2015

PHP refurbishment and enlargement consisted in a general renewal of common spaces, in a new interior design for the rooms and in ...

Markus Tauber Architectura

Hotel Rainer - Dolomit Panorama SPA

Sesto, 2007

The hotel's extension is an opportunity of creating an interesting space the piques the senses through architecture, light, transparences...

Carlo Berarducci Architecture

Kami SPA

Rome, 2013

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