Roland Baldi Architects

Kindergarden Sluderno

Sluderno, 2018

Child-friendly and sustainable: with Sluderno Kindergarten, Roland Baldi Architects has created a wooden building with a pitched roof, pl...

NATOFFICE - christian gasparini architect

PIEC - childhood pole

Reggio Emilia, 2007

First part of an overall recovery and modification operation of the educational and open spaces in order to redefine a single childhood p...

Laboratorio Permanente

The Covered Garden - a kindergarten extension…

Correggio, 2013

The new extension occupies a portion of the school garden. For this reason the project focuses on the creation of a new structure which ...

Laboratorio Permanente

The Airport Nest - a kindergarten one step from…

Bari, 2011

The unexpected placement of a kindergarten inside an airport becomes an opportunity to investigate a possible inversion between earth and...

feld72 Architekten

Bildungsensemble Terenten

Terenten, 2017

Mit dem Entwurf eines Bildungsensembles für Terenten in Südtirol setzte das Wiener Architekturkollektiv feld72 wichtige Maßnahmen für die...

feld72 Architekten

Kindergarten Niederolang

Niederolang, 2016

Innerhalb der gewachsenen Dorfstruktur Niederolangs in Südtirol erzählt das Haus des Kindergartens von dem Zusammenspiel zwischen Traditi...

Alberto Campo Baeza

Daycare Center for Benetton

Treviso, 2007

We built a square box composed of nine smaller squares. The center square emerges to bring light from the heights of the vestibule. The c...

Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto

Scuola materna, scuola elementare, area verde

Prato Smeraldo, Roma

La scelta insediativa è frutto di una riflessione che cerca di interpretare un paesaggio esistente, dalla forte caratterizzazione ...

feld72 Architekten

Kindergarten Terenten

Terenten, 2010

Kontext, urbanistische Einbindung – Ziel war es den Kindergarten so aus dem Ort heraus zu entwickeln, dass er sich einfügt ohne dabei an ...

C+S Architects

NSC, Nursery School Covolo

Pederobba, 2006

Walls and empty space. Immersed amongst the vineyards and wheat fields, their rows tracing the memories of ancient crops, where sp...

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