ENSAMBLE STUDIO: Ca'n Terra: Architecture of the Earth

‘T’ Space is proud to open its 2020 Synthesis of the Arts season with our commission of Ensamble Studio’s virtual reality exhibition, the latest project to come out of their acclaimed Ca’n Terra: Architecture of the EarthCa’n Terra transforms an abandoned quarry in Menorca to make imaginative architectures about reading space, recycling landscape, and quarrying light.  The architects propose “a trip to the interior being of matter, and recognize the freedom with which it gives us spaces to live.”

This interactive virtual exhibition at ‘T’ Space immerses viewers in three areas of the architects’ creative process from observation to materialization: Discovering (The Scan), Carving (The Action), and Living (The Atmosphere).  Initially, 3D laser scans “drew” the quarry’s interior in the darkness to precisely record its existing structure. Next, varied interventions, especially carving light, and then adding bare necessities, made the space habitable while preserving the “essential layers of time.”  Living in Ca’n Terra invites us to think about the essence of habitation and the direct relations between human actions and nature.

In the online virtual tour, we interact with these processes through on-site scans, maps, and spherical images. As we glide from room to room, virtual reality allows us to seamlessly explore by using hyperlinks to original-state images, construction images and videos, 3D scan “drawings”, texts, ambient/living videos with audio, time-lapses and high-res images of the present. It is through experiencing Ca’n Terra’s spaces that we immerse ourselves in an Architecture of the Earth, understand its properties and values, and reassess what comfort means.

Given our Covid reality today, ‘T’ Space invites audiences into an immersive experience from their homes. We are pleased to present this experimental exhibition for audiences to contemplate nature and our futures beyond using the land as source for endless exploitation.

Virtual Livestream Opening Celebration July 18, 3 pm – 4:30 pm at TSpaceRhinebeck.org presents a tour of the exhibition with the architects accompanied by a poetry reading by Marie Howe and percussive performance by Fast Forward. Free Admission. RSVP at TSpaceRhinebeck.org