Relais Ca’ Sabbioni

写真 © Cristian Guizzo
写真 © Cristian Guizzo
写真 © Cristian Guizzo
写真 © Cristian Guizzo
写真 © Cristian Guizzo
写真 © Cristian Guizzo
写真 © Cristian Guizzo
写真 © Cristian Guizzo
写真 © Cristian Guizzo
写真 © Cristian Guizzo
FPA Franzina + Partners Architettura
Strada Regionale 11 Padana Superiore, 30176 Venezia

The customer’s requirement was to realize a Relais Gourmand five-star design hotel, with a dual focus on hospitality, in an exclusive location, and on the quality of food and wine, favoring local products.

The interior design of Relais Ca’ Sabbioni had the goal of enhancing a historical context and landscape of great value. The interior design wanted to be recognizable by the use of contemporary forms and materials but chromatically related to the ancient context. 


Traditional use of light is minimized. The project choice is to integrate lighting in the interior design: strips and spots lights underline and model the space and the continuous curves of the furniture.

The interior design intends to enhance the traditional distribution of spaces, without sacrificing the comfort and needs of contemporary living. In particular, considering that it is an exclusive accommodation, special attention has been given to the study of forms and materials, to create quality and exclusive spaces. 


New materials have been selected with the aim to create a chromatic continuum with the pre-existing ones. 


The traditional “terrazzo veneziano” floor identifies the great lounge at the ground floor where a contemporary auburn steel stripe guides the guest to the recepion throug the hall. 

New modern glass cases with minimalistic shapes incorporate the traditional baroque transparencies of the hand-made Venetian glass. 


New materials and shapes differ greatly by the previous for appearance and texture and for pure volumes and minimalistic choices. 


So as steel and glass, light is used as a proper material: light is capable of shaping the spaces and the elements of furniture, following and enhancing forms. It has been used also as a vehicle of communication, to show ways and directions within the Hotel, as well as to identify the functions of the various rooms.


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