District Heating Plant

写真 © Oskar Da Riz
© Oskar Da Riz
写真 © Oskar Da Riz
写真 © Oskar Da Riz
写真 © Oskar Da Riz
写真 © Oskar Da Riz
写真 © Oskar Da Riz
図面 © Roland Baldi Architects
図面 © Roland Baldi Architects
図面 © Roland Baldi Architects
Roland Baldi Architects
Teleriscaldamento Chiusa Srl
Thorsten Götz, Rodolfo Zancan

The district heating plant is located at the edge of Chiusa, on the site of Val Gardena’s former railway station, between motorway, main road and railway. The project is a result of a design competition which was undertaken and won by the firm. The building rises from the ground like a large wedge-like wing, the dynamic volume of the sloping roof sits between the viaduct and the train sheds of the old Gardena railway. On the two narrow sides of the building, the roof edges descend to the ground.

The large glazed façade reveals a view of the heart of the plant and its heat generators. The sculptural appearance of the building is underlined by a sophisticated lighting design and contains three interior areas: woodchip store, boiler room and cogeneration plant. The materials that dominate are the copper of the roof, the wood of the roof’s supporting structure and of the lamellas on the façade. These brown tones are contrasted by the grey of the exposed concrete of the ceilings, walls and floors, combined with the bright green linoleum floors in some areas.


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