Indian Creek Tower

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Miami, USA
Non dichiarato
20-100 Piani

We started this project by orienting our building parallel to the perimeter of the allowed area of construction, to benefit from the Eastern & Western light/views. As well as, beneficial cross ventilation with the apartments. Each apartment has a terrace facing both ocean (east) and bay (west). The new tower generates from a platform suspended 15’-0” above ground level, which becomes the buildings garden, a large private terrace overlooking the bay. It is also where the gym and open air pool are located. Under the platform, the lobby at first floor is fully glazed, with the two “elevators/stairs’ cores floating within it, so to guarantee an extremely open space, and no visual barrier between interior and exterior.
It is also raised 2’-0” above ground, so to guarantee natural ventilation to the underground parking. Modifying the coastal line of the bay along the property allows for us to bring the water in and allow for private docking right at the lobby level.

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