Villa Belvedere

Foto © Aldo Amoretti
Foto © @AldoAmoretti
Foto © @AldoAmoretti
Foto © @AldoAmoretti
Foto © @AldoAmoretti
Foto © @AldoAmoretti
Foto © @AldoAmoretti
Foto © @AldoAmoretti
Foto © @AldoAmoretti
Foto © @AldoAmoretti
Perathoner Architects
Via Belvedere 13, 37010 Costermano
1-5 Piani

The private home was realized in Costermano, an Italian municipality in the hills on the eastern shore of Lake Garda.
The slightly sloping building plot is located above a small olive grove, over which you have a wonderful view of the green hilly landscape down to the lake. The two-storey building therefore presents itself very differently: to the north towards the street, the largely closed facade preserves the privacy of the residents, whereas the entire south-facing downhill view is glazed floor-to-ceiling to provide the greatest possible view from every part of the house.
The combination of consequent reduction of the design language and the thoughtful use of the building materials utilized creates a contemporary, minimalist architecture that is strongly inspired by the rationalism of the early 20th century, without ignoring its structural context. The ground floor clad with local natural stone forms the base for the cantilevered upper floor, made of exposed concrete with white cement and aggregates made of Carrara marble and shuttered on site with millimetric precision.
On the southern side, the terraces, the bedrooms and the spacious lounges on both floors are shaded by far-protruding and therefore statically sophisticated canopies. As part of a digital study, the position and shape of the sun were simulated to ensure an optimal balance between the incidence of light and shading, especially in the hot summer months.
In addition to a large infinity pool in the palm garden, an underground garage accessible by car lift is also part of the special structural features of the villa.

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