Hello Space - Palazzo Mora - Venice Biennial 2018

Space4Architecture (S4A)
1-5 Piani

Our collaboration with the European Cultural Center started in 2017 with a site visit at Palazzo Mora. We were immediately drawn to room #215, a space that could easily be described as a corridor with no destination. We started our journey by focusing on the individual and on how to guide the visitor’s experience within the narrow space. Our desire was to create a moment of intimacy within the room, away from the collective context of Palazzo Mora and the city of Venice. Given the very slender proportions, specifically the disparity between height and width, we felt that working in section would provide the best spatial solution. Through the use of a sole material we decided to create a room within a room, horizontally split by a slanted panel which would naturally fragment the incoming daylight and generate two distinct spaces. The visitor is invited to funnel through to the other side, where the resulting space is restricted and personal. A space that encourages both intimacy and social exchange.

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