Guangzhou Twin Towers

Guangzhou, China

Though Guangzhou Twin-tower is not the highest building in the world, it still has its chance of becoming the greatest high-rise building ever. We hope she can express the confidence and imagination of Guangzhou City, her greatness demonstrates the vigorous life in Guangzhou and broadens people's mind in her own unique way, and even the height and formalism structures of the monument type of the Twin-tower are rich in aesthetic value.

The institutional framework of the traditional skyscraper is fixed; they are nothing but simple linear structure and regular duplicating or superposing. As the height record for the building is instantly replaceable, its significance wanes with more of higher buildings rising up. There fore creating space, realizing high-level complexity and expressing the relations of modern city become indispensable. New Guangzhou twin towers will not turn out to be an office machine, instead, it will become a living mixture. The commerce, service, amusement space are improved and linked to offices and hotels in the sky form a three-dimensional urban condition, incorporating metropolitan life into the tower itself.

We use one cable car to reach the top of Twin towers, make it a mobile body of the city scale and a dynamic landmark reflecting the urban vigor. The old idea of relying on form and style to build a landmark becomes a faint by contrast.

Project Name: Guangzhou Twin Towers

Location: Guangzhou, China

Design Period: 2004

Client: Guangzhou Plan Government

Architect: Ma Yansong, Yosuke Hayano

Project Team: Yu Kui, Marco Zuttioni, Zhang Fan, Zhao Chongxi

Building Area: 31,084 sqm

Client: Guangzhou Plan Government

Program: Office and Hotel

Building Area: 31,084 sqm

Maximum Height: 400 m

Director: Ma Yansong, Yosuke Hayano

Design Team: Yu Kui, Marco Zuttioni, Zhang Fan, Zhao Chongxi

Associate Architects and Engineers: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design

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