Gaggenau Messestand Eurocucina 2018

Foto © Bodo Mertoglu
Foto © Bodo Mertoglu
Foto © Bodo Mertoglu
Foto © Bodo Mertoglu
Foto © Bodo Mertoglu
Foto © Bodo Mertoglu
Foto © Bodo Mertoglu
Foto © Bodo Mertoglu
Foto © Bodo Mertoglu
Foto © Bodo Mertoglu
Architetti d'Interni

Gaggenau is delighted to announce its 5th participation at EuroCucina, Salone del Mobile. The brief was to create a design concept that would place a spotlight on the award winning* Vario cooling 400 series. Therefore, long-standing partners, architectural firm einszu33 led by Hendrik Müller and Georg Thiersch, deconstructed elements of grand architectural statements. The result of this process is the ‘Gaggenau Home’: a sequence of architectural gestures that correspond with the rituals of domestic culture.

A full-scale representation of an aspirational domestic space: the’Gaggenau Home’ is focused around an open-plan kitchen. The home includes an entrance area, garage, living space and garden, all united and interconnected with authentic materials, light and details. Visitors to the booth will experience the true nature of Gaggenau; where appliances, consideration for the culture of living and contemporary architecture coalesce, to create the ultimate architectural statement.

The distinctly designed home creates a powerful statement: perfectly mirroring the functional and imposing aesthetics of the new Vario cooling 400 series. Furthermore, the interior pieces and decor have all been carefully selected, to reflect the brand’s association with functionalism, natural materials and intellectual luxury.

This full-scale architectural statement, inspired by the new range and its award winning progressive design, embodies the brand’s cultural affiliations and presents an immersive stage to showcase the appliances’ ability to go beyond the kitchen.

Hendrik Müller, Founder of einszu33, commented: “The concept puts a spotlight on the role of Gaggenau’s appliances and their significance within domestic culture. Food preparation and the social ritual of sharing a meal have been deeply rooted in our culture for more than 10,000 years and their importance today is higher than ever.”

To complement the ‘Gaggenau Home’, Gaggenau collaborated with a series of likeminded, highly respected brands. Curated pieces featured as part of the home include: the Aston Martin DB11; interior wood fittings from Schotten & Hansen; modern furniture from Walter Knoll; lighting installations from Occhio; a bespoke piece of art from Eduard Micus; one decorative shelf from Porro; porecelain sculptures from Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg and a selection of fine wines from Sotheby’s Wine.

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