Circus House

London, Great Britain
Plasma Studio
London, Great Britain

For the redesign and extension of FCB Architects’ London office, it was vital to provide a clear and functional layout with plenty of flexibility. Hence the overall flow pattern is a U with the corridors displaced on both levels and a new internal stairs connecting them. In addition we implanted more large scale pieces that work together in shape and materiality in ordering spaces and flows whilst at the same time discuss critically various boundary conditions.

A room long work bench provides a backbone for a series of workstations. At one end it folds down to form a seating for visitors. This intention to unify the worksphere with the reception of visitors is further enhanced by keeping the appearance of the reception desk in line with all the others.

An extensive display system from a series of perspex uprisers is highlighting the structural modulor of the building and projects daylight into the space in unpredictable and fluctuating ways. The uprisers are cut in order to reveal a wedge shaped continuous volume that differetiates the corridor to its side. Its shelves, made from a combination of folded perforated steel and plywood, are arranged in a school-of-fish pattern. In line with the uprisers this suggests coherence with differences as well as individuals that form a community. Through carrying working and presentation models this pattern became exemplary in presenting the firm's working methods and social framework.

A new staircase was inserted to connect both floors of the office. Solid slags of plywood are suspended from full height perspex screens; in this way the stair reads as an extension of the display system.

Walking up the stairs thus corrensponds to physically entering the display. Shape and materials of the elements have been choosen to abstract the experience from possible semantic interpretation but at the same time induce an excess of ephemeral fluctuating visual conditions.

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