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Foto © Beppe Giardino
Foto © Beppe Giardino
Foto © Beppe Giardino
Foto © Beppe Giardino
Foto © Beppe Giardino
Foto © Beppe Giardino
Foto © Beppe Giardino
Foto © Beppe Giardino
Foto © Beppe Giardino
Foto © Beppe Giardino
Foto © Beppe Giardino
Foto © Beppe Giardino
Foto © Beppe Giardino
BALANCE Architettura
alberto lessan, jacopo bracco, giorgio salza, alp arda, vittorio domanda, ottavia mangiafridda

The presented project is the realization of the directional and operative headquarters of IDT-BRANDS DISTRIBUTION, a company based in Turin, that is both a leader in the distribution of cosmetics and clothing, both specialized in the launching and in the incubation of new realities and digital start-ups.

The intervention is the first phase of the general redevelopment of the entire block that will become the first Digital Hub dedicated to the e-commerce in Turin.
It is located in the north part of Turin, that has always been connotated more as a productive and industrial area. In the last years a lot of cultural events took part or established there, as for example TorinoStratosferica, the Festival of Architecture 2017, the music bar Q35.
This kind of work is only one between the several office projects that the Balance is facing in this period. One of the main aims of the project, is to design more comfortable and domestic work spaces, adopting choices of sharing, eco-friendliness and sustainability.

The workspace it-self hasn’t been the starting point of the designing approach, in fact the common and the meeting areas are the real core of the concept. It’s a project where is more important the connective space than the working area it-self. You can rich your desk, only after a pleasant promenade, crossing the interior and the exterior spaces, meeting and talking with colleagues.
Even more in the post-pandemic period, the ecological values and the well-being of people in a sharing space, have become the essential element for the office of whom prefer to not turn into remote working.
The project plan has been designed by dividing the different operational areas and the different work teams: the administration area, the creatives one, the media and photography one, the purchasing and the management one.

The reception area is very wide and maintain the ribs of the extraordinary pre- existing structure; the light enters from all sides, from different heights and different angles.
The industrial and the artisan aspect of the building it’s a precious and characterizing aspect that has to be maintained.

The partition of the spaces is made by panels in birch wood and glass, to bring the visual imagination closer to Scandinavian interiors, geographical area for which the client has (in part) origin and contamination.
Using glass and wood, has been designed a tailor-made modular element, with a neutral color, that is only combined with the green mint of the walls.
The desks are also customized, and it’s possible to create various compositions and shapes.
The reception desk it’s a unique piece. It has been designed starting from the basement, made by steel tubulars disposed as in the concrete scaffold; the rhythm of the furniture is given by the double height of the desk, but also by the big plant in the integrated pot.
All the project is dominated by vegetation, that is conceived in various internal and external dispositions. This has been a request from the client, but also a planning choice to increase the idea of sustainability and comfort in the workplace.

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