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Visualizzazione © KCAP
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City of Bolzano
masterplan for an area about 30 ha, potential to build 350.000 m2 of which at least 1/3 has to be housing
urban planner
Participating parties
Studio Vulkan, Buchhofer Barbe AG, Reitter Architekten, Itegral Ruedi Baur

Masterplan to develop a new neighborhood in the train station area.
The urban plan for Bolzano takes place in a former track area behind the main train station. The site is surrounded by the tracks the river Isarco and the mountains. The steep slope shadows strongly the south part of the area, where are placed small industries and offices.

The project aims to create a new neighborhood of mix program connected with the city center and to reduce the track area creating a new transport hub for local and regional transport. The new station building is a bridge which embraces the local bus spots, the existing station, the tracks and the regional bus terminal being so a strong visual and physical connector. A great public space connects the bridge to an old train deposit which is transformed in an Event and Cultural hall.

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