Messner Architects

Funimal Forest

Renon, 2018

The project consists of the renovation and partial transformation of a workshop in an alpine region. The owner, a sculptor and artist, wa...

noa* network of architecture

Valentin #2

Castelrotto, 2017

noa* (network of architecture) rivisita l’hotel a conduzione famigliare Valentinerhof, in seguito alla precedente parziale demolizione e ...

Messner Architects

Bella Vista I

Dobbiaco, 2015

DOLOMITES UNESCO VIEWPOINT MONTE SPECIE The project starts in 2012 when Messner Architects and sculptor Franz Messner were commissioned ...

Messner Architects

Saint Joseph in The Woods

Renon, 2017

The church in Stella is an appreciated spiritual place for people from far and wide, not least because it is located along the popular Si...

Messner Architects

Grocery Store

Klobenstein, 2014

The starting point for the development of the architectural design was the building‘s positioning and orientation within the lot focusing...


Museo degli Innocenti


Il Nuovo Museo degli Innocenti è un progetto complesso che ha sottolineato, dovendo intervenire all’interno di un edificio storico multif...

noa* network of architecture


Naz-Sciaves, 2017

L’Hotel Seehof è posto sopra un altopiano che si affaccia sul lago “Flötscher Weiher” situato nelle vicinanze del paese Naz-Sciaves vic...

casatibuonsante architects

Notary office

Varese, 2018

The intervention is focused mainly on layout arrangement. Doors, thresholds, walls and corridors are used in order to create a floorplan ...

casatibuonsante architects

House with a bureau

milano, 2016

The project conciliates the needs of a young couple with the spatial features of the house, built in the late 1960s, no longer responding...

casatibuonsante architects

Shatar Pub

milano, 2016

The project is born by the passion of it's managers for horse races and bets on sports events. The client desire was to create an envirom...

casatibuonsante architects

House with alcove

milano, 2017

House with Alcove is part of broader research, dedicated to studying the effects of the sharing economy on the delineation of the domesti...




The project involves the organization of an apartment located in the attic of a newly multi-storey building. The furnishings identify t...

Alberto Alessi Architecture

Holzperspektiven - Prospettive legno

Kiens, 2014

Alberto Alessi Architecture

Vedi Napoli e poi muori. Grand Tour der Mönche

Venezia, 2018

monovolume architecture + design

Casa M2

Bozen, 2012

Il progetto M2 riguarda una casa clima a, situata a Bolzano e composta da due unità abitative disposte su due livelli. L‘appartamento al ...

monovolume architecture + design

Casa M

Meran, 2012

Realizzata nella tranquilla zona residenziale Obermais a Merano, Villa M si distacca nettamente dalla tradizionale architettura “di monta...

monovolume architecture + design

Casa T

Meran, 2018

La casa T è una casa unifamiliare situata a Merano, composta da un pianterreno e un seminterrato con garage. Per adattare meglio la casa...

Tomas Ghisellini Architects

Riviera Grand Hotel


After many years of complete abandonment, the Riviera Grand Hotel, a historical hotel complex in southern Italy Salento area, comes to a ...

Tomas Ghisellini Architects

Loft A

Padova, 2016

At the top of an interesting multi-storey rationalist building of the '50s, a large flat on two originally independent levels is transfor...




The restoring intervention involves a little building, located at the border of the consolidated urban fabric of Trequanda, a small villa...

Lazzarini Pickering Architetti

Residential Compound in Asproli


This complex of homes, immersed in a protected forest near the Umbrian city of Todi, is part of a project to renovate an entire nineteent...


Into the woods

Genova, 2018

The site is situated in the countryside near Genova, surrounded by a chestnut trees woods. Before the refurbishment works, the house was ...


Sphäre 1:50.000 | Biennale Venedig 2018

Venedig , 2018

Thoughts Form Matter - drei Rauminstallationen im Österreichischen Pavillon Sphäre 1:50.000 von LAAC ist eine poetische Inszenierung, ei...

Kitzig Design Studios GmbH & Co. KG

Lufthansa Lounge Mailand

Mailand, 2018

Am Standort Flughafen Mailand-Malpensa wurde die Lufthansa-Lounge einem umfassenden Relaunch unterzogen. Durch einen Wechsel der Räumlich...

Mario Bellini Architects

Exhibition design "Mario Bellini. Italian…

Milan, 2017

“Mario Bellini. Italian Beauty” is the title of the exhibition that La Triennale di Milano is devoting to the entire work of the world-re...

Mario Bellini Architects

New Museum, of the Forum "Antiquarium"

Rome, 2018

The project, currently under way (2016-2018), is about the ‘’Antiquarium Museo Del Foro Romano’’, and is located in the archeological hea...

Mario Bellini Architects

Exhibitio design "The Seventies. The long…

Milan, 2008

The landmark of this exhibition, which is about the 1970s, the “longest decade of a short century”, is the ceiling, transformed to a “cum...

Mario Bellini Architects

Exhibition design "Giotto, L'Italia"

Milan, 2016

Bellini has always shown an undoubted capacity for “showing” things, an ability that has emerged continuously since his first job as an a...

Mario Bellini Architects

Verona Forum

Verona, 2011

A complex made up of two buildings 45 metres high with a base of three floors above ground that connect the buildings and render the proj...

MIDE architetti

081 . AGOSTINI SHOES manufacturing plant

Noventa Padovana, 2017

The project involves an existing production building, located along a busy commercial route in Noventa Padovana, in the eastern rural are...

MIDE architetti


Montebelluna, 2018

MIDE architetti


Fiesso d'Artico, 2017

The project takes place within a large parcel in Fiesso d’Artico, a little village along the bankside area of the Brenta River, also call...

Studio DiDeA

Nerho Tattoo

Palermo, 2017

Studio DiDeA ha realizzato un nuova spazio per uno studio di tatuaggi: un progetto minimale in bianco e nero dall'identità fortemente gra...

MIDE architetti


Lucca, 2015

Mario Bellini Architects

Convention Center Fondazione Fiera Milano "MICO"

Milan, 2012

This realisation puts into direct contrast the architecture of Bellini planned at the end of the 1980s and realised in mid-1990s, and Bel...

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