Hariri Pontarini Architects
Hariri Pontarini Architects worked in close collaboration with St. Thomas Commercial Developments Inc. to design 7 St. Thomas, a building that harmonizes retail and commercial design through an inventive interplay of form and light, blending Victorian and contemporary materials to create a...
IDIN Architects
1 day ago
SIRI is a renovation project of commercial building. It is used as a house and a third sister’s jewelry office. In order to serve the big family with 4 members, brothers and sisters, and the future family members, a large utility space is necessary.
Natalie Dionne Architecture
4 days ago
BLACK BOX II is the latest in a series of tiny additions impacting existing architecture in a big way. Conceived as a jewelry box, large openings blur the interior/exterior boundary, revealing its treasure of fine cabinetmaking work within through the playful use of complementary surface...
BCQ arquitectura barcelona
5 days ago
Landscape architecture must inspire comfortable feelings to the city. So the bridge will not only show a new image: the design proposes the inclusion of new materials and a new experience to users.
6 days ago
The Urban Nation Museum is the first German museum for urban art, built in the Berlin quarter of Schöneberg. GRAFT developed the architectural concept for the conversion of a former residential building. By a modular changeable façade, the building itself became a piece of art.
Nerma Linsberger
6 days ago
The building’s introverted structure is a response to its heterogeneous surroundings: the complex has clearly defined edges on the north, east and west sides, and opens up to the south, where it faces wide open spaces. Two courtyard blocks build an urban space sequence, creating a...
McCullough Mulvin Architects
1 week ago
The project, a Maritime Energy Research and National Ocean Testing Facility located beside the Lower Harbour in Cork, Ireland, involves a tall element housing research spaces and a lower tank hall containing testing facilities.
MALA Studio
1 week ago
A vibrant new recreational and cultural public space has been unveiled to the public in Melbourne’s Docklands. The project is the latest from MALA Studio, which designed and developed the CLEC Site Masterplan for Development Victoria and the City of Melbourne.
Smith Vigeant Architectes
1 week ago
The Îles-de-Boucherville National Park, which offers great outdoor experiences just minutes away from downtown-Montreal, is now equipped with a new discovery and services center designed by Smith Vigeant Architectes.
1 week ago
Architecture of Autonomy is a permanent installation in public space commissioned by the Gwangju Biennale. It was created in collaboration with the Korean architect Moon Hoon. With its large-format appeal "CHANGE," the theme of the work is the city as a...
Anmahian Winton Architects
2 weeks ago
The Ankara Office Tower is a fourteen-story office building in Ankara, Turkey, that serves local and international high-tech companies engaging with leading universities and research institutes in the nation’s capital.
2 weeks ago
This complex is located in an old German town in the Kaliningrad region, which was severely damaged during World War II. The modern brandy distillery was built on an empty lot next to a railroad.
Brooks + Scarpa Architects
2 weeks ago
The Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA) is part of the $39.1 mil, Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts campus that includes visual and performing arts, live theatre, and arts education on the Southern Utah University campus in Cedar City, UT. The 5.5-acre master planned complex links...
Moneo Brock
2 weeks ago
The church “El Señor de la Misericordia” is located in the center of a new town-like urban development in Monterrey, Mexico, surrounded by an impressive mountain landscape.
2 weeks ago
Large stadiums and music venues are often placed in the outskirts of cities, but not in Copenhagen. Royal Arena, a 35,000-square-meter venue, has just opened in the middle of a residential area, and is designed by 3XN Architects together with HKS to be a good neighbor.
3 weeks ago
Atelier Général proposes an aerial refuge, a residence merged with the mountain and immersed in a maple forest. Built on the slope of Mount Shefford, the residence bridges an aerial view on one side and an ascending, rugged topography, populated by rocks and maples, on the other.
Sanjay Puri Architects
3 weeks ago
Taking a cue from the old city streets of Mathura city in India where this project is located, this 800 room students’ hostel creates organic spaces.
MAD Architects
4 weeks ago
Huangshan, located near the ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi in China’s Anhui province, is home to one of the country’s most beautiful mountains. It is here that MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong, has realized “Huangshan Mountain Village.”
Maurice Martel architecte
1 month ago
To suit in while standing out is the challenge raised at the new headquarters Lareau insurance office. Settling in a rural area without aesthetic qualities, the project aims to inspire the beauty and encourage this industrial area to change by hosting more projects sensitive to design.
NODE (Nansha Original DEsign)
1 month ago
Detours of architectural space provide diversified experience and prolong time. They are used to emphasize the solemnity and happiness of wedding ceremony.
1 month ago
UNStudio's design for the tower, which is located in the London borough of Islington, incorporates the remodeling of the facade, a streamlining of the building’s mass and a contrasting of scale and detail untypical of a residential tower.
SYN Architects
1 month ago
The Creek Park Hotel is located in Beijing’s Pinggu District, 15km away from the Jinhai Lake International Resort’s Area. It is a renovation project undertaken by SYN Architects, close to the waters surrounding the peninsula’s central island, from where the minaret by the lake...
1 month ago
Cortex Park brings together four programs under one roof by embracing students, researchers and staff with shared sports facilities and a strong urban identity. The result is a design that challenges both mind and body  - and establishes a closer relation between the building and its...
1 month ago
By provoking action and reaction between past and present through the application of contemporary architecture, the remodeling of this entire block of buildings — including landmark buildings such as Hooghuys and the former Lorette convent — adheres to this evolutionary principle.
CoCo architecture
1 month ago
The project is located near the city center of Olemps, a “new city” of 3,500 inhabitants, located on the outskirts of the agglomeration of Rodez. The site is located in a peri-urban area made up of architectural objects, built in the 1970s and 80s. The municipality wanted a...
ingenhoven architects
1 month ago
Marina One, a high-density, mixed-use building complex in the heart of Singapore’s new Marina Bay financial district, complements the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s vision of making Singapore a "City in a Garden."
OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture
1 month ago
OMA has developed an integrated concept for the transformation of the 1992 Rijnstraat 8 office building based on a renewal of its existing architectural qualities. OMA’s design gives the building a new relation to the city of The Hague, connecting it to the city, both visually through...
1 month ago
A3— Advanced Architecture Apartments are harmoniously incorporated into the context of their environment. Two starting points—the mountain and the city, set the overall architectural concept.
Carla Gertz Architect
1 month ago
"The Finnish affinity with nature demands a counterbalance to the everyday apartment: the summer cottage or Mökki. It is quite true to say the Finnish live their real life in their cottage." - Tapio Periäinen, director of the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design
dRMM Architects
1 month ago
The 2010 destruction of Hastings Pier by fire was an opportunity to redefine what a pier could be in the 21st century; moving away from the accumulation of commercial booths of poor quality construction. The fire cleared the way for a new approach to creating a generous amenity space for Hastings...
1 month ago
3XN has won a competition to design a waterfront condo that honors the waves. Tridel and Hines have commissioned 3XN to design a building on Toronto's formerly industrial East Bayfront area.
Saucier+Perrotte Architectes/HCMA
1 month ago
The project site is situated between the existing Émile Legault School and Raymond Bourque Arena, both of which are horizontal in form and neutral in character.
NOZ Arquitectura
1 month ago
The project consisted in the refurbishment of the existing school building and extension with a new adjacent building to accommodate the new program. Exposed brick was applied in bands of different colors, recalling the idea of a bookshelf.
DL Atelier
1 month ago
Sanbaopeng Art Museum is located in Sanbao village, a scenic place not far from the Central City of Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China. In the past decade, porcelain artists were attracted here to build their own studios. Thus a nascent, dynamic, porcelain-centric hub is thriving and...
1 month ago
Brancott Vineyard, site of the first Sauvignon Blanc plantings in Marlborough and home of Brancott Estate, will also be the home of a permanent installation by New York-based designer, Dror Benshetrit. Titled Under/standing and composed of cutting-edge geometry, Dror’s...
1 month ago
At the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline by the village of Båly, Snøhetta has designed Europe’s very first underwater restaurant.
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