Scandurra Studio

Zürich Headquarters Auditorium

Milano, 2008

The small building is the union of an auditorium and a distinctive meeting room. The room has a trapezoid plan, from which an irregular v...

FPA Franzina + Partners Architettura

New Factory


The project involves the construction of a new production and business building for a company operating in the organic and vegan ...

NUOVOSTUDIO Architettura e Territorio

New Integrated Civic Center

Travacò Siccomario (Pv), 2013

Special Mention

Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto

Renovation of Rock Island Club


The project descends from the concept of ready made, a tribute to its inventor, the Dadaist Marcel Duchamp. This term is commonly used to...

Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto

Lazzareschi foundation – centre for cultural…

Porcari, Lucca, 2003

The Lazzareschi Foundation Centre was created after the Lazzareschi family’s wish to keep Giuseppe’s memory alive. The Public...

Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto

Recupero dell'area Ex Fornace per la…

Riccione, Rimini, 2010

This project deals with the renovation of the old brick kiln in Riccione, which was built in 1908 and then abandoned in 1970. The old fun...

Agence Michel Tortel

City of Milan, 2000

Urban light beacon. Reminiscent of the DNA molecule, the arch plays with light, standing defiantly against time through its simplicity an...

GEZA - Gri e Zucchi Architettura

Casa della Musica

Cervignano del Friuli, Udine, Italy, 2010

The project deals with the construction of a new music hall in Cervignano del Friuli inside an existing building, which is then totally r...

C+S Architects

ULH, Urban Lake Housing

Pordenone, 2010

ANCIENT WISDOM, RATHER COSMIC So-shu dreamed, And having dreamed that he was a bird, a bee and a butterfly, He was u...

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