Architekten Marx & Ladurner

Grundschule Eyrs

Eyrs, 2020

Wettbewerb Grundschule Eyrs 1. Platz

Didonè Comacchio Architects

New School in Zibido San Giacomo

Zibido San Giacomo MI, 2020

New construction of a secondary school in the municipality of Zibido San Giacomo. The school will play a central role in the education of...

karlundp Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH

Gymnasium G. Carducci

Bozen, 2013

Bei einem 2003 europaweit ausgelobten Wettbewerb für den Umbau und die Erweiterung des humanistischen Gymnasiums G. Carducci in Bozen erh...

Didonè Comacchio Architects

Pencil Box

San Felice sul Panaro, 2012

School building built in 50 days for the earthquake emergency in Emilia Romagna. From its plaza, the building acts a concrete wall that a...


Borgo Merlassino

Novi Ligure (AL), 2015

Recupero ad uso residenziale e agricolo di un antico borgo rurale. L' eterogeneità dei manufatti presenti e recuperati (casa, fienile, ...

feld72 Architects

Educational ensemble Terenten

Terento, 2017

Houses for children With the design of an educational ensemble for Terenten in South Tyrol, the Viennese architectural collective feld72...

feld72 Architects

Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto

Valdaora di Sotto, 2016

The house for a kindergarten in Valdaora di Sotto, South Tyrol, illustrates the local mesh of tradition, contemporary life and nature wit...

C+S Architects

Chiarano Primary School

Chiarano, 2013

As architects and scholars, we recognize a political role in the urban realm for these small public spaces, where design is not aimed to ...

Markus Tauber Architectura

Elvas School

Elvaz, 2007

A wonderful view, like in a picture's book, and a pleasing quietness portray the 'genius loci' of the place. In the take five...


Palazzo Mocenigo

Venedig, 2013

Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto

Nursery school, primary school and park

Prato Smeraldo, Roma

The settlement plan descends from the intention to read the existing landscape, which is characterized by the strong personality of the c...

Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto

Recupero dell'area Ex Fornace per la…

Riccione, Rimini, 2010

This project deals with the renovation of the old brick kiln in Riccione, which was built in 1908 and then abandoned in 1970. The old fun...

Garbarino Rusin Architects

Pedestrian Bridge

Gonars, 2004

A pedestrian bridge designed to connect an old primary school with the gymnasium, located on the opposite side of a tree-lined road.

Massimo Mariani Architect

Elementary School expansion and new municipal…

Pistoia, 2010

The project involves the construction of a building on two floor above ground, which has a covered area of 765 sm, located in Ponte Buggi...


scuola materna



scuola primaria


C+S Architects

PPS, Ponzano Primary School

Ponzano Veneto, Treviso, 2009

PONZANO PRIMARY SCHOOL: A ‘SOCIETY BUILDING’ Ponzano primary school is a sustainable building in energetic, social and...


La Città della Scuola

Sarno (SA), 2009


polo scolastico La Romanina

Roma, 2005

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