Renovation of Rock Island Club

Drawing © Pietro Carlo Pellegrini
Visualization © Pietro Carlo Pellegrini
Visualization © Pietro Carlo Pellegrini
Visualization © Pietro Carlo Pellegrini
Visualization © Pietro Carlo Pellegrini
Visualization © Pietro Carlo Pellegrini
Visualization © Pietro Carlo Pellegrini
Visualization © Pietro Carlo Pellegrini
Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto

The project descends from the concept of ready made, a tribute to its inventor, the Dadaist Marcel Duchamp. This term is commonly used to describe a  piece of art made of everyday things. In this case, the ready made concerns the objects brought to shore, that become pieces of art once taken and placed in a different context. The added value stands in the finding, choice and isolation of the object, nothing more.

The idea is to give new dignity to common things, such as wooden sticks arrived from the Adriatic sea to the beach of Rimini, that are then chosen and recycled  in order to create an ecological skin which covers the entire building. This process becomes an act of love and respect towards the sea and the environment.

In night time, the wooden frame sparkles in the moonlight and creates shadows according to the different colours of the light of the club.

The wooden external covering contributes to reducing the incidence of sunlight on the windows meanwhile it allows the necessary amount of light to filter, in order to reduce daily electricity consumption; photovoltaic panels and heat pumps make the building completely self-sufficient from an energy consumption point of view.

Within the wooden frame, the building has three storeys. The main floor houses a multifunctional centre, where the space becomes flexible thanks to sliding curtains; this area is enclosed between a restaurant and a bar, both composed as translucent volumes. This entire area is surrounded by an external walkway which leads to the upper terrace.

The connection between the three levels is obtained through a staircase and lift covered in backlit translucent glass: on the external front a big blue R is going to be the symbol of the club: R for Rock Island and R for Rimini.

On the lower floor, the old iron structure and the old timber floor will be kept and integrated with an exhibition space enclosed by a wide window wall.

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