Lapitec Cersaie 2018

Didonè Comacchio Architects
Paolo Didonè, Devvy Comacchio, Gianmarco Miolo

The stand inception comes from a concept of volumetric monomatericity and massivity that translates in architectural terms the main characteristics of Lapitec’s sintered stone.

The modulation of the internal space is influenced by the geometry of the given plan in which the longitudinal dimension is emphasized. This is reflected in the design of the furnishing elements and above all by the central monolith, the centripetal element of the whole stand, which accommodates the reception functions and display of the material.

The intervention maintains a continuity of language with the previous booths characterized by the presence of the color backdrop and the finishes of the material.

The rereading takes place through a reconfiguration in which the depth and the sensorial part are enhanced through a game of shadows and finishes.

The booth uses sintered stone in all its forms: vertical cladding, flooring, furniture, decoration.

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