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Garbarino Rusin Architects operate in different fields of architecture and design.

The natural characteristics of  the site, the costumers requirements and their budgets, set the architectural theme, in which even structural tension becomes an active element to develop the shape and spatial configurations of a project. The tectonic dimension of the construction is therefore an essential element in the development of architectural language in a constant dialogue with the surrounding environment.

The materials for construction and finishing are selected based on the natural environment of the site, or to emphasize the architectural theme, but always paying attention to the innate properties that the materials have, to their silent voices and thus free to express their authenticity.

Garbarino Rusin Architects develop all phases of the architectural design. Assessment of environmental sustainability,  study and research of the construction details, site management during construction and constant control of the budget.

The search for a good architectural level, comes also from the close collaboration with external consultants, maximizing the budget and having a good dialogue with clients, final users and contractors.

Garbarino Rusin has worldwide professional relationships and has participated in competitions or development projects in countries outside of Europe.

Some projects have been exhibited, recognized and published in architectural and design Magazines.

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