Torre del Borgo, restoration project and reuse.

CN10 architetti was founded in 2004 by Gianluca Gelmini. The office deals with architectural planning and recovery of historical heritage at different scales of intervention. Over the years the firm has participated in national and international competitions winning prizes and awards. Any action inevitably causes changes, every new building as well as any recovery intervention involves a transformation more or less radical of the territory. Only by being aware of these conditions do architecture, it is possible to act with the utmost respect for a given environment.It is an attitude supported by a certain autonomy from the possible constraints imposed by the location and history, a position that asserts the secularity of architectural design. That does not mean remain indifferent to the context but understand their most intimate relationships, understand the characters, forms and matter, in order to create a coherent synthesis with the initial program.

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Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo