Quattro Spazi by Studio Traccia

Foto © Flavia Rossi
Foto © Flavia Rossi
Foto © Flavia Rossi
Foto © Flavia Rossi
Bild © Studio Traccia
Foto © Flavia Rossi
Foto © Flavia Rossi
Foto © Flavia Rossi
Foto © Flavia Rossi
Foto © Flavia Rossi
Foto © Flavia Rossi
Zeichnung © Studio Traccia
Flavia Rossi

Quattro Spazi" is a domestic transformation project for a 120 sqm apartment in a
residential building from the 1970s in the EUR district of Rome.
Through targeted demolition of certain parts of the house, it was possible to reveal a structural element in the living space, previously hidden within a wall.
Four areas are delineated by a new parquet floor design, while a fixed concrete table, symbolizing conviviality and sharing, wraps around the column like a parasite, transforming it into the new focal point of the home.
Two walls - designed for domestic functionality - define two thresholds: the entrance to the sleeping area and the entrance to the home. The walls engage with different uses (kitchen/living room), clearly enclosing the living and projecting the inhabitant from the internal space towards the external.
Materials are laid bare, exposing their natural physicality. A new spatial conception, articulated through the dynamics of contrasts and harmony of domestic elements, in the hope that its inhabitants can coexist in a delicate composition equilibrium of matter.

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