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Roland Baldi Architects was founded in 1994 in Bolzano. Our work covers a broad spectrum of projects which vary in scale, context and function. Our architecture is characterised by a great sensitivity for context, functionality and a contemporary design language: simple but different. An essential aspect is to reduce architecture to its very essence and its most simple form, even for the most complex of tasks. The use of pure materials and colours as well as the consideration of local references, results in a clear, high-quality and timeless architecture. In all phases of the project, our approach has as its centrality the user and their needs and expectations. Beyond project-related research and planning, the office participates actively, critically and reflectively in current debates on contemporary architecture, art and design.

The cultural diversity of South Tyrol reflects in the workspace of the office, where architects from different backgrounds and educations work together in project teams. The projects – for the most part following successfully entered competitions – range from public and private to commercial, urban planning and interior design. Some of the most important projects have been the masterplan for the Rosenbach zone (former Mignone barracks) in Bolzano, the Syncom industrial park in Bressanone, the University in Brunico, the district heating plant in Chiusa, the Merano 2000 ropeway and the TechnoAlpin headquarters in Bolzano.

Many of the implemented projects have been awarded with national and international architecture awards and presented in reputable exhibitions (i.a. Biennale of Architecture São Paulo 2012, Biennale of Architecture Venice 2006, 2014 e 2018, „New Architecture in South Tyrol 2006-2012“, solo exhibition in the Prisma Gallery in Bolzano 2012, alpitecture meets biennale 2014, Premio Architettura Città di Oderzo , South Tyrol Architecture Award 2013, best architects award 2014, Iconic Award 2014-2016-2018, Next landmark 2018).

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