Massimo Mariani Architetto

Museo Benozzo Gozzoli

Castelfiorentino (Firenze), 2009

Bisognava fare un edificio che ospitasse definitivamente i due Tabernacoli con le relative sinopie, che da molto aspettavano, nei locali ...

Meier Partners

Ara Pacis Museum

Rome, 2006

This museum on the bank of the Tiber River has been designed as a renewed setting for the Ara Pacis, a sacrificial altar dating to 9 B.C....

Danica O. Kus Photography

MAXXI Museum


Architect Zaha Hadid

C+S Architects

MAM – Museum Alberto Martini

Oderzo, 2008

Museum Alberto Martini. A display unit, conceived as a work table on which books and papers are scattered, leads on to the exibition and ...

C+S Architects

PMM – Peace Momorial Monument

Rome, 2010

C+S is one of the 30 internationally known architects which has been invited to design a Memorial for those soldiers who died in the Peac...

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