NATOFFICE - christian gasparini architect

PIEC - childhood pole

Reggio Emilia, 2007

First part of an overall recovery and modification operation of the educational and open spaces in order to redefine a single childhood p...

Matteo Thun & Partners

Residential & Office Building Tortona 37

Milano, 2009

Six “casa-bottega” buildings around a garden. A low impact architecture aimed at achieving maximum energy efficiency.


Renovation of a Farmhouse

Oderzo, 2011

A wide rural building located in Treviso countryside, used mainly as a farmhouse, had to be restored and converted into a family house. T...

Giuseppe Lunardini

Landscape Intervention for Villa Guidiccioni

Lucca, 2015

The project for the restoration of buildings and landscaping of the whole park for a residential use required the creation of an impleme...

Giuseppe Lunardini

Private Estate on the hills of Lucca

Lucca, 2015

The landscape intervention refers to a private estate composed of two buildings: a mansion and a rural building, and of a land partly to ...

Giuseppe Lunardini

Private Garden in Ortonovo

Ortonovo, 2013

This landscape project concerns the construction of a swimming pool and the complete restructuring of the garden for a detached villa loc...

Giuseppe Lunardini

A private Open-air Museum

Lucca, 2008

The entire property is about 200.000 mq big and it is mostly composed of wood, olive groves and vineyards.  This is the typical Tuscany l...

Giuseppe Lunardini

Overlooking the sea

Castiglioncello, 2010

This landscape project refers to the restoration of the garden and the swimming pool of a detached house located on a cliff on the coast ...

Giuseppe Lunardini

Small Garden in Lucca

Lucca, 2009

Divided into two areas, garden and terrace, this piece of Lucca town reveals itself as the perfect field to experiment some of the Italia...

Giuseppe Lunardini

Small garden in Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta, 2011

Renovation of a small garden for a detached house located in a nineteenth century building, above a sculpture studio in Pietrasanta.

Giuseppe Lunardini

Private Park in Versilia

Forte dei Marmi, 2012

This landscape intervention identifies all the different functional areas requested by the owner in a sequence of almost secret rooms who...

Giuseppe Lunardini

Art Garden in Versilia

Forte dei Marmi, 2003

The idea of this landscape intervention was that of making the garden as the frame of all the artistic elements: marble sculptures, paint...

Beglinger + Bryan Landschaftsarchitektur

Garten für Verliebte

Projektwettbewerb, 1. Rang, Meran, 2005

Der Garten für Verliebte ist von einer aus dem Geländeverlauf entspringenden Mauer umschlossen, die eine Lichtung ausbildet. Diese topogr...


Giardini Pubblici Savelli

Cesena, 2008

Architettura del Paesaggio: Enrica Dall'Ara e Matteo Zamagni Progettazione: 2008 Luogo: Cesena, Italia Il progetto ha come oggetto la r...


Piazza/giardino Ghigi

Morciano di Romagna, Rimini, 2006

Studio Associato Preger ed Enrica Dall'Ara Design date: 2004 Construction: 2006 La piazza/giardino “Ghigi” a Morciano di Romagna fa par...

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