Villa G, Sorengo, Lugano (CH) 2015 ( Foto © : Francesco Mattuzzi )

From landSCAPE to citySCAPE
The word SCAPE refers to a broad notion of landscape, a point of view ranging from the near prospect as far as the horizon. The basis of SCAPE’s mission is the determination to retrieve the twentieth century Italian tradition of architecture and engineering; to return to a type of project design that respects formal research, maintains a dialogue with history, is aware of technical and constructional aspects and of context. Research that encompasses different scales and involves, as the name indicates, the various meanings of panorama: from landSCAPE to citySCAPE. To achieve its objectives SCAPE is fitted out with, on the one hand the most sophisticated digital tools, indispensible to compete on a global scale and, on the other a mode of organisation that favours on-site presence and working with local firms: medium size concerns that are therefore well-established in the context. The firm’s techno-digital efficiency is mainly manifested by the adoption, four years ago, of the BIM philosophy (Building Information Modelling): it stands as SCAPE’s affirmation of its desire to bring construction back to the centre of the design process.

Since opening, SCAPE has oriented itself towards both Italian and foreign markets, taking part in numerous architectural competitions in Europe and often beyond the confines of the European Community. The first point of arrival for the company’s strategy of openness was setting up an office in Paris in 2008 and the foundation of a French architecture firm, Offscape s.a.s., in 2013. Today SCAPE works mainly in Italy, France and Switzerland and is organising itself to engage with new markets in a consolidated manner. Over recent years SCAPE has distinguished itself in numerous national and international competitions and has participated in an equally large number of shows and exhibitions.
Alessandro Cambi
Ludovica Di Falco
Francesco Marinelli
Paolo Mezzalama
Landscape Design
Urban Planning